The invention of antibiotics was one of the most remarkable events in medical history. The use of antibiotics has saved many lives. Many infections that were previously fatal are now being taken care of with the accurate use of the right antibiotics. There is however a consequence of this trend. We use a lot of antibiotics; the increased use has led to the mutation of the targeted bacteria and harmful microorganisms to become immune to the effects of these antibiotics. This is a very scary observation. These resistant microorganisms have been called “Super Bugs”.

The challenge of super bugs

Super bugs have proven to be resistant to the common antibiotics we use these days. This means that there needs to be more research studies to counter the properties of these microorganisms that have made them this resistant to antibiotics.

A new method of treatment

The acceptance of natural antibiotics as a means of fighting off infections is a welcome development. This trend will become more effective if the classes of naturally occurring antibiotics are properly studied to know their actual potentials and potency.

Classes of Antibiotics

There are two main classifications of natural antibiotics; they are the antibacterial and the antifungal components. The main application of antibiotics is against infections resulting from bacteria attacks. There will be laboratory tests carried out to ascertain that the medical challenge experienced is as a result of a bacteria attack before antibiotics are prescribed.

For this reason, it is important to seek medical attention when you suspect that your system is under attack by harmful bacteria. This information in this article should not be a reason to avoid seeking proper medical attention when you feel ill. You should always seek the attention of a professionally trained medical doctor when you are ill.

Natural Antibacterial

These potent compounds have been proven to be effective against E.Coli or Samonella, H.pylori, ear infections, sore throat infections and injuries. Common sources of natural antibacterial are-

  •     Apple Cider Vinegar
  •     Ginger extract
  •     Onion extracts
  •     Horseradish root
  •     Habanero Peppers
  •     Turmeric
  •     Garlic extract
  •     Raw Honey
  •     Oregano Essential Oil

Natural Anti-Fungal compounds

Anti-fungal compounds are potent medical conditions like candida albicans overgrowth, athlete’s foot, skin rashes or yeast infections. Ingredients rich in anti-fungal properties include-

  •     Echinacea root extract
  •     Apple Cider Vinegar
  •     Ginger extract
  •     Turmeric
  •     Raw honey extracts

These ingredients are usually readily available as supplements sold in the medical shops or in tincture form. It is important to follow the advice for the right dose that will be indicated on the packaging of these ingredients. You will also benefit from eating whole foods; they have strong antibiotic properties that can prevent infections.