Clearly, many of you had experienced troubles leaving your cozy bed in the morning at some point. You are too exhausted and you simply would prefer not to move.

At the point this happens because we know that we have somewhere to be, we in turn take a cup of coffee. Be that as it may, this solution is not the best or healthiest.

This is normal because the body in the morning, is at its acidic level. Despite the fact that an acidic body is bad, this happens because while sleeping your body discharges different acids. This is one of the primary causes of tiredness in the early mornings and makes you go after coffee. In any case, you have to know that coffee too is acidic and more acids is not needed in the morning by your body.

But rather you ought to consume drinks than will alkalize your body. Which is the purpose behind this article. We show you three formulas of natural, straightforward and speedy 3-ingredient wellbeing shots which will wake and keep your body full of energy.

Alkalizing your body is very essential, particularly in the early mornings. Because you require high alkaline drinks, we will show you some wellbeing shots, which you do not require huge amounts.

The Shots

  1. Digestion Booster Shot

You need to enhance your rate of digestion, first thing in the morning if you want to set up your whole body in preparation for the day ahead. Digestion problems can keep the body running at a lower standard and a feeling of tiredness for the entire day. Therefore, this shot is the ideal drink to support your immune system. This is the method of preparation and usage.


  • ½ ounce of lemon juice
  • ½ ounce of natural apple cider vinegar
  • A squeeze of natural ground ginger

These ingredients consist of great digestive properties, which will ensure the proper working of the digestive system throughout the day. You can mix with water if it is difficult to swallow.

  1. Metabolism Booster Shot

Despite the fact that these components may appear acidic, they are the best to consume if you really want to get your body alkalized.


  • ½ ounce of natural apple juice vinegar
  • ½ ounce of lemon juice
  • A squeeze of cayenne pepper

Also together with this ingredient if not too excessively strong simply include 2 ounces of water. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice work to get the pH level of your body to an alkaline level. Also the squeeze of cayenne pepper empowers your digestion, which assists in weight loss and refreshing your body early in the morning.

  1. Green Smoothie Shot

This shot consists of 10 grams of vitamin B, C and protein, and lots of potassium.


  • ¼ of solidified natural blueberries
  • 1 cut of ginger
  • 2 measures of natural spinach

You can likewise include Stevia for sweetness if you want.

Simply add the ingredients into a blender and include some water in the event that you need to reduce consistency. However, you can likewise include some Spirulina that will enhance the smoothie with additional vitamins. You can set it up in larger quantity and store in the refrigerator.

So here it is, the three bodies helping shots to get every one of the supplements it requires and will empower your body as well. Issues with digestion and metabolism will become things of the past, giving you a new feeling of energy like never before all in a natural and healthy way.