Bananas, being one of the best fruits that exists are truly nutritious, provides numerous health benefits and are likewise known as a super food.

It possesses numerous vitamins, natural sugars such as sucrose and fructose, minerals and nutrients with loads of fibers. Bananas are also considerably healthier if one apple daily can be healthy.


  • Calories – 89
  • Cal. From fat – 3
  • Transfat – 0
  • Carbs – 23g
  • Sodium – 1mg
  • Total fat – 0
  • Saturated fat – 0
  • Vitamin A – 1%
  • Cholesterol – 0
  • Fiber – 3g
  • Sugar – 12g
  • Calcium – 1%
  • Iron – 1%
  • Protein – 1g
  • Vitamin C – 15%

Statistically, bananas are the most eaten natural products in the USA than oranges or apples. Typically, we purchase them still being green, however the brown ones or those with spots are better off especially when they become riper.

These brown ones are healthier possessing a high amount of TNF although most people stay away from them.


The riper the banana, the more the TNF it possesses. This TNF battles cancer and bad cells effectively.

It’s an additional advantage to know that this enhances good connections between cells present in the body. It additionally makes the cells advance toward any aroused zone inside.

As demonstrated by a study that ripe bananas containing TNF lowers the growth of tumors and even stops it by making apoptosis cell death. Making bananas to have a ton of cancer prevention agents.

They also boost white blood cells and as well strengthens the immune system. So always consume brown bananas when you see one instead of green ones which will strengthen you and make you healthy.


  • Acid reflux or blood pressure: since they possess lower levels of sodium and a considerable amount of potassium, they help shield pressure and the heart.
  • Great for energy. They provide minerals,vitamins and low glycemic carbs which makes it give quick energy. The potassium content soothes cramped muscles so consume them before and after workout.
  • Fights anemia: they fight anemia and provides your body with a considerable amount of iron. This manufactures more red blood cells and hemoglobin and strengthens the immune system.
  • For ulcers: You have to stay away from some foods if you are experiencing stomach ulcers. In any case, you can simply eat bananas without any stomach pain. They are creamy, soft and smooth and relieves the inside lining which protects the stomach from numerous destructive materials.
  • For depression: its tryptophan content battles depression. This then activates the serotonin which is a very good neurotransmitter. Consume banana and improve the state of mind.
  • For constipation: Bananas possessing an extraordinary substance for enhancing the movement of bowels which diminishes constipation.
  • No PMS issues: stress and moodiness are sometimes unavoidable. Banana with a considerable amount of vitamin B that calms the nervous system.
  • Good basal temperature: Bananasimprovesthe temperature of your body,  during winter or summer.

Source: For Healthy Lifestyle