Natural medicine is back in style. Not the hipster nonsense you see touted by social media gurus, but real, natural medicine has gained popularity, and for a well-deserved reason. Natural remedies are powerful solutions to a host of health problems and these treatments are often more impactful than traditional medicine (and safer too). One miracle remedy in particular, a combo of castor oil and baking soda, treats loads of health issues. Even in cases where traditional drugs are not able to help, castor oil is often recommended by health professionals. It positively impacts circulation, and is commonly used as a coating.

Making Castor Oil Wipes

As mentioned, castor oil is great for those with poor circulation, and it makes an excellent compress. These compresses are simple to make; all you need is a hot water bottle, cold pressed castor oil, a cotton towel, or some fresh gauze, plastic wrap, and a towel.

First, clean the skin using baking soda. Don’t toss the baking soda away, because you’ll need to use it again after you use the compress. Let the gauze soak in the oil and apply it to the needed area. Wrap the area tightly with plastic, and then warm it with the water bottle. You will need to make the bottle secure, so wrap the bottle with a towel. Keep it like this for a minimum of sixty minutes.

For forty days, repeat this treatment daily, always using fresh supplies.

If you need another reason to love castor oil, here are 23 reasons to fall in love with castor oil.

  1. Heal injured ankles quickly with a castor oil compress
  2. Six to eight drops of castor oil will cure tinnitus. Take it orally for four months.
  3. Reduce the look of stretch marks by gently rubbing them with castor oil
  4. A blend of castor oil and baking soda can get rid your face of dark spots.
  5. Applying a layer of castor oil regularly on the stomach gets rid of snoring.
  6. Massaging your scalp with the oil daily will make your hair grow.
  7. A layer of the oil on your neck treats vocal nodules and chronic coarseness.
  8. Consuming five drops of castor oil daily can ward off allergies.
  9. Rub a thin layer of castor oil over your eyelids to treat eye-related allergies.
  10. A few drops of castor oil in your ear will enhance your hearing.
  11. It can alleviate topical injuries like cuts, burns, and bruises and cuts.
  12. Drip a drop of castor oil into your eye(s) every night before bedtime to cure cataracts.
  13. Applied topically, castor oil can reduce the swelling and alleviate itching from bug bites.
  14. Rid yourself of calcium deposits by regularly rubbing your soles with castor oil.
  15. Castor oil can remove pilonidal cysts.
  16. Relieve back pain by putting a layer of castor oil on the affected area.
  17. Diarrhea? Treat it by putting castor oil on your stomach.
  18. Get rid of warts by rubbing castor oil on them.
  19. Got athlete’s foot? Castor oil can treat fungal infections.
  20. Apply right on moles to get rid of them.
  21. A layer of castor oil on your stomach lowers hyperactivity.
  22. It can treat hepatitis.
  23. Castor oil and baking soda can help treat cancer.