The ovary cysts can be considered to be a sack filled with fluid, and they are like pocket full inside the ovaries of a woman. In every woman’s life, they will sometimes experience cysts, even if it is just once.

It has been stated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that the tendency of having cyst by pre-menopause women is very high and 14.8% of women get this after menopause.

Most of the time, these cyst are not as dangerous as we may think, and they happen during periods, also they are not diseases. They are gentle by nature and they can show up without any special reason. On the other hand, there are some pathological cysts which are highly dangerous that may even result to cancer.

Most times, people always get the notion that the cysts are harmful, but they sometimes cause abdomen swollen feeling, menstrual problems with the cycle, sex pain issues, bladder pressure, pelvis pain around period dates, pain in bowel needs, nausea and even vomiting. Infertility can be caused by some cysts.

Most times, the cysts may no longer been seen in a few months, but sometimes it is required to make use of drugs and other alternative to cure it. There are some natural ways that you can use to decrease their size.

These are the highlighted methods and recipes, but before engaging on any of them, it is important you talk to the doctor first.


Get a heat pad and place it with warm water on the belly to the pelvis, this procedure is really good for the belly cramps near the ovaries. You can hold for 15 minutes and repeat as much as you can.

Castor oil packs

Castor oil is an old way of curing cysts. This oil helps in cleansing the toxins and excess unwanted products. And it also makes the lymph better in order to dissolve the cysts.

Get a bigger flannel cloth and fold to make it 3 layers thick. It must be big enough to cover the whole abdomen completely. On the flannel cloth apply some drops of castor oil and fold it, leave for some time and then unfold it. After doing that, lay down on a bed and put a towel beneath you and the flannel cloth with castor oil on your belly. It is important you cover this with a plastic foil and also with a towel. Then place a bottle-like container containing a hot water over the towel and a blanket over you for cover. Carry out this procedure 3 times a week for a period of 90 days.

Wash the area with 3 tablespoon of baking powder and 4 cups of water to take out the excess oil of the skin. Note, never try this pack when you are on your period or when you want to conceive or after ovulation.

Epsom bath

Epsom bath helps to lessen and prevent other signs of cysts. Since Epsom contains a lot of magnesium sulfate, it helps to relax the muscles and cramps.


In a container, put a warm water and 1 cup of Epsom salt, and then add 10 drops of essential oil (Jasmine, lavender or rose). Mix thoroughly, to facilitate the melting of the salt, and then soak half of the body experiencing cramps for duration of half an hour. Repeat this routine daily.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is idea for this problem because of it mild sedation and calming effect, which help you relax also. It will allow your period to be more regular and improve the flow of blood in the uterus and pelvis. In a container, mix 2 tablespoon of dry chamomile in hot water, then leave it for 5 minutes to steep, and then strain it. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and drink. Take 3 cups every day.


ACV is vinegar that contains high amount of potassium which helps to shrink the cysts. The reason why this happen because cysts is deficit in potassium. Get a glass of warm water and add one spoon of ACV, also add one tablespoon of black molasses. Take two glasses every day until it fades away. This drink also helps when the bleeding is much during a period and swollen with pains.


This veggie has betacyanin that improves the liver work and detox too. Also it is alkaline and this means balance with acidity. Mix ½ cup fresh beet extract juice and 1 tbsp aloe gel and black molasses. Drink it daily before breakfast.

Source: Online Health Society