An animal may not be fierce and threatening in appearance before it is considered deadly. There are some animals you might not even notice they are extremely dangerous in your surroundings. People who reside in Southwest Florida or have it in mind to visit should be extremely careful not to come across the New Guinea flatworm.

This dangerous animal was first seen in 2015 in Miami region, and later it was spotted in a flowerpot in Cape Coral. It was known by experts that this dangerous animal managed to move to Florida with plants from the South Pacific region.

Christopher Mcvoy an environmental scientist from Florida said he saw the New Guinea Flatworm in his driveway, and he went further to say, it has a dark and orange stripe down its back. He carried a research on the animal he saw and asked a colleague in Paris at the Museum of Natural History for an opinion concerning the animal, who said he hasn’t seen anything like that in his life.

Mice and rats can easily be infected by this dangerous worm, which can easily pass the infection to human. The infection is termed “Deadly” because it can cause a severe damage to the human brain and spinal cord. It can be regarded as death trap once someone comes in contact with this flatworm.

These worms also have the ability to kill other small animals such as snails, lizards, and as well powerful enough to damage shrubs, trees and other plants, so they are big threat to the ecosystem.

It is important to take a picture of the animal and contact the authorities if you see a New Guinea flatworm in the Southwest Florida region.

Source: Health & Love Page