Don’t you simply cherish when somebody’s home smells wonderful? You’d definitely want to spend eternity there. All you need is a simple trick to make your home smell nice too.

The normal air fresheners and candles are usually being produced from harmful chemicals. Using natural sources will help you in  getting rid of those costly and harmful fresheners.

By using some amounts of baking soda,a fork, essential oil, a candle flame holder that is empty, a mason jar having a lid and a hammer.

This awesome trick will perform amazingly in your bedroom, bathroom or living room. To begin with, clean the flame holder by using soap and warm water.

Add the essential oil and the baking soda, then mix very well.Make sure to use the essential oil with a preferred fragrance, else you won’t generally love the outcome of your new air freshener. Pour in a little (tea) candle.

In case you’ll be using the mason jar, perforate some holes on the cover, and add it to your basic oil and baking soda. It’s just that simple. This is the least demanding method for creating your own particular air freshener, and we firmly recommend that you give it a try.

Source: Healthy & Tasty Recipes