Anyone who suffers from migraines is destined to have a hard time. While migraines headaches have multiple cures, they usually have harmful chemicals in the mix that ruin the curing process. You should instead attempt natural remedies, to avoid the dangers of chemical products.

If you have migraine problems, you’re probably willing to explore any means that gets rid of the pain for you. They are horrible, and quite disabling. Migraines have the habit or ruining someone’s productivity levels due to the simplest stimulus. Even some sunlight smacking your head can trigger intense pains.

Common symptoms of migraines include sensory problems, light flashes, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Regardless of the issues, getting migraines problems out of your life can be difficult to do. This applies especially if you’re using medications, which slowly lose their effects overtime. The symptoms are bound to return again as soon as the medication’s effect wears off. This is exactly a position that benefits pharmaceutical companies though.

After all, if they did provide you a permanent treatment for your problems, they wouldn’t get any business. Thus, they give you medications that only work temporarily, forcing you to buy and take more. Those substances you ingest are simply man-made substances that not only provide short-term effects, but actually damage your entire system in the long-run.

Of course, you can this problem by picking up a remedy that is made completely of natural items.

It’s a simple reedy, with its main ingredient being salt! Salt is actually an often forgotten effective cure of many health problems, headaches included. Salt can aid in controlling migraines severity, while boosting your immunity system in the process; additionally, salt provides a restoration to your body’s balance of electrolytes.

This recipe also has lemon, a fruit that creates one of the most alkaline conditions in the body. This is an excellent back up to salt, which will aid in migraines relief.


  1. ½ a lemon
  2. ½ teaspoon Himalayan salt


Simply squeeze your lemon into a cup, add the salt, and enjoy the drink! Not much effort is required there. Simply watch as your migraine disappears in a matter of minutes!