Crystal Davis became a real hit all over the world after revealing her experience online on how she used warm lemon water with honey. This American lady was searching for ideal solution on effective natural way she can improve her health and make her life more meaningful until she stumbled upon a routine that became a habit in her everyday life.

Every morning, she began taking a glass of lemon water with honey on an empty stomach. This whole procedure took an entire year, and the result she got was shocking.

Crystal Davis: Some years ago, when I had flu, I used to buy lemon and honey drinks in the pharmacies. This medication helped me a lot, but let the truth be told, I was doubtful when I took this upon myself.

However, it is advisable to take the real lemon juice instead of the powdered one you buy in the pharmacies because it is much better and healthier.

More on what she said:

I took it upon myself to drink hot water with lemon and honey every morning on an empty stomach for one year. I thought to myself, will this drink do wonders to my body as everyone was claiming it works.

Now, I can say it really worked and I am happy to say it. For the whole year, I never experienced cold. I never had the stomach flu or any kind of illness, even though I always felt like I would contact something, to my amazement, it didn’t happen. To the extent I was surprised by this wonderful drink and I decided to take it along with me, even though I’m going on a short or distant trip.

Moreover, I have become someone who is very active every morning; I don’t need coffee to start up my day. I noticed I have more energy and I feel happier every morning, which was never the case. If it were before, I would spend an hour on the bed, waiting to gain my complete sight before getting up. Now people around me always say I am more fun to be around.

Usually, I use a half fresh lemon and a teaspoon of organic honey in a standard cup. In order to prepare this portion, you need to boil water first, and then leave to cool a bit to allow the honey dissolve.

At this moment, pour the lemon juice and drink immediately you are awake. It is important we know that sometimes the lemon juice can be more acidic or less acidic, as a result, if it taste too sour, do not hesitate to add extra honey to this portion to improve its taste.

In addition, if you feel half a lemon is too much for you, when preparing this portion at the beginning, a quarter of a lemon can be used until you are used to it.

Some of the amazing health benefit offered by this portion which you may have heard are revealed below, they are:

  • Boosts digestion

Honey is a highly powerful antibacterial agent which helps to fight against bacteria and also avoids infections. The production of mucus in the stomach is also stimulated by honey and it purifies the body from all accumulated wastes and toxins present in the body.

Moreover, lemon also plays an important role in the body by absorbing nutrients since it helps in the stimulation of bile production in the liver and also assist the body during food metabolism

  • Prevents infections

Taking this drink will help improve the function of the colon, aid in digestion and also avoid any digestive problems. This portion can also work as a potent natural diuretic in eliminating toxins from the human body and helps cleaning the urinary tract.

  • Improves the skin quality

Lemon helps in cleansing the blood, and in the formation of red blood cells. It also helps to improve the look of the skin. This drink is also responsible for the creation of collagen in your skin also gives the much elasticity the skin needs.

For this reasons, lemon water have so many health benefits for the body and consuming this drink will help in revitalizing and enhancing your health and looks.

Source: New Daily Recipes