One of the most important activities that can help improve our health is sleep and the lack of it can have a negative effect on our health. On the other hand, are you aware that sleeping naked is more beneficial than sleeping with clothes? From survey, less than 10% of Americans sleep with their clothes off. Physical and psychological benefits are among the amazing health benefits you derive when you sleep naked.

What you benefit when you sleep naked

Improves Sleep

According to research, people who sleep with their clothes off tends to have better sleep than the ones who sleeps with clothes on. Naturally, the body temperature declines and if you put on clothes, the cycle will be disrupted. Consequently, you toss and turn on the bed having irregular patterns of sleep. However, when you sleep naked, you are guaranteed to get more quality sleep.

Prevents Bacteria

When you sleep naked, the growth of bacteria and yeast are prevented. In addition to that, the spots of the perspiration will be dried off and the body will be in a comfortable state.

Promotes Weight Loss

Your cortisol levels decreases and you sleep better if you sleep naked. This accelerates the whole weight loss process. If you want to lose some weight, the solution is right here.

Feeling More Frisky

However, if you sleep naked with your partner, the contact of both skins will increase the bonding hormones called oxytocin, this helps to improve the sensitivity of partner’s touch. Also, it will build up the feelings of trust, bonding, and decrease your heart rate.

Boosts the Energy

Your energy level will be boosted when you have an adequate night rest; this energy is like the battery that will serve you throughout the whole day.

Reduces Pain

When you sleep naked, it stimulates circulation and also reduces body pain, most specially the abdominal area of the body. You will feel no pain and comfortable, so you can sleep soundly.

Improves the Skin’s Repair Processes

The skin tends to repair itself more easily when you sleep naked. On the other hand, the condition for the sebaceous gland to work effectively is optimized and hence it work at full capacity, your skin will absorb nutrients more rapidly. Your body metabolic rate will be greatly enhanced.

Source: The Best Remedies