The body sometimes has an interesting method of signaling us whenever something is wrong. One of such odd way is jerking before falling asleep. Sounds recognizable? Don’t be scared, you’re not alone. Whenever you are about to rest on your comfortable bed after having a long day. But then, a sudden jerking of the body disturbs your falling asleep and makes you start to wonder what is going on.

The Hypnic Twitch

As indicated by scientists, this occurrence is called the hypnotic twitch described by a falling feeling brought about by a sudden jerking of the body. Some reasons behind this occurrence might be the consumption of caffeine before bed or certain pharmaceuticals like Adderal and Ritalin. This occurrence is likewise present in people who are overly exhausted at long last decides to rest and the jerking occurs as a result of sleeping off too fast which results when the brain can’t stay aware of the sleep phases.

Specifically, when the brain gets confused, it resets and awakens you with a blast of chemicals. It is not an enjoyable experience despite the fact that this isn’t bad for health.