Fitness and health seems to be the latest rave in town these days. And while some like the glamor of expensive gym memberships, special equipment and magic supplements, there are some who prefer simplicity – by eating healthy and exercising in the comfort of their home. But who gets the better results?

As it is with every area of life in general, focus is the key to achieve any goal. So it is, even in health and fitness, sustainable progress is guaranteed for those who don’t forget their focus – being themselves and know how to adapt and blend healthier habits into their existent lifestyle and not placing too much emphasis on the gym equipment and trends. These are the people most likely to succeed in this health and fitness journey.

This article is to motivate you, and to tell you that you are doing just fine. You don’t have to worry yourself about what magical exercise to perform or what latest super food to eat . All you have to do is go back to the basics – most times the answers we seek are right in front of us. Try these five exercises every day, and see the results in your waistline size and overall body composition in less than four weeks.  Although, this will not happen overnight, so patience and perseverance is what you need.

Here you go:

#1. Plank

One of the most underrated but effective exercises ever.

Literally a one-move static exercise that helps you develop the core of steel, ripped abs and strong shoulders. Assume  push-up position on the floor, bend your elbows 90 degrees and supporting yourself with your elbows, forearms and forefeet, making a straight line from your head down to your feet. Try holding yourself for as long as you can without moving any part of your body.

#2. Push-ups

The best bodyweight exercise that practically employs  every major muscle in your body, helping you keep whole body firm.

Assume a plank position, align your hands with your shoulders and push your whole body up, keeping a straight alignment with line with you legs, back and butt. Lower your body in the same position and repeat.

#3. Squats

Squats enhances your quads, hams and calves, while also giving your whole core strength and aids greater and faster overall fat burning.

Feet should be shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms forward and sit back and down, with your head forward, do not round your back, continue to lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Now gently press back up again.

#4. Bird-dog

Assume a plank position, support yourself on your hands and knees, stretch one leg and the opposing hand keeping both perfectly straight.

Hold for about a minute and then lower them and repeat with the other leg and arm. It enhances core strength in both and lower back.

#5. Lying hip raises

The perfect bodyweight workout for developing strong behind and hamstrings and also gives you strong abs, thighs and back.

With your back to the floor, with bent knees and flat feet, spread your arms out both sides at a 45 degree angle. Squeeze your behind and lift your hips upwards while tilting your pelvis. Lift yourself as high as you can, and slowly lower yourself back to the floor. Repeat this as much as you can.

The four-week plan

Consists of two different workout plans

Workout #1

  • 1 minute  Plank;
  • 1 minute  Push-ups
  • 2 minutes  Squats;
  • 1 minute  Bird-dog;
  • 1 minute  Lying hip raises;
  • 1 minute  Plank;
  • 1 minute  Push-ups
  • 2 minutes  Squats;

Take breaks between exercises, at least 10 seconds.

Workout #2

  • 3 minutes  Plank;
  • 3 minutes  Bird-dog;
  • 3 minutes  Lying hip raises;
  • 1 minute  Push-ups;

Take breaks between exercises, at least 15 minutes

This exercise is to be performed for a minimum of 6weeks, followed by a day rest


Day 1 – Workout #1
Day 2 – Workout #2
Day 3 – Workout #1
Day 4 – Workout #2
Day 5 – Workout #1
Day 6 – Workout #2
Day 7 – rest


Day 1 – Workout #2
Day 2 – Workout #1
Day 3 – Workout #2
Day 4 – Workout #1
Day 5 – Workout #2
Day 6 – Workout #1
Day 7 – rest

Change back to week 1 after the completion of week 2.

If you can do this exercise, you will see the visible difference in no time, your body will get stronger, and tighter with an improved health. Be sure to merge your exercises with enough water.