Be on the lookout for an uncommon full moon which is set to be out during the night hours of April 11. This special Libra pink moon will bring about an enormous energy change if you exposed yourself to it. On Tuesday night, if you are outside and looking up at the sky, there won’t be any actual pink –colored moon for you to see. The moon derived its name from the exciting wild pink flowers known as ground Phlox. These flowers are usually some of the first flowers to bloom by this time every spring. Consequently the pink is alludes to the moon because of the changes that occur in nature about this time of the year. And if you could just allow yourself to experience this pulsating energy from the moon, you might just see the similar transformation taking place in your life.

  1. Increased Energy

There will be visibly increased in the level of energy around you. Then you decide how you want to make use of this amazing energy. It’s either you allowed it to impact you negatively or use it to improved and develop your life. By embracing this energy change with a positive mindset, you are set to experience positive things.

  1. Stronger Perception

In the days ahead you may experience some gut feelings, please pay attention to it. Your sense of perception will be greatly enhanced by the pink moon. You will be more closely connected to your inner being, including your needs wants and aspirations as well as future plans. Pay attention to your instinct and forge ahead with your strong feelings

  1. An Awakening

More than anything else, the pink moon will cause an upsurge in self-awareness. If you fully embrace it, it is capable of causing significant self-discovery. Utilize this period to rediscover yourself and bring about stability in your life. With this new awakening, you will have a clearer perception of the future and enables you to know the direction you will take in life.

  1. More Intimate Relationships

The days following the full moon will bring about more closeness in the areas of communication. Make use of the energy to get in touch with your loved ones, as well as family and friends. Get in touch with people you haven’t seen for a long time and re-establish your relationships. You will definitely have an improved social skill after the pink moon; definitely, you will desire to have more intimacy with your loved ones.

  1. A New Adventure

Generally, full moons are often associated with a new starting point and rebirth. Therefore if you have ever wanted to try something but never get to do it, the right time is definitely now. Maybe for you, it is starting a totally different hobby, learning a foreign language or you just want to take part in a new exercise regime. Whatever it may be, be fully dedicated to it and do away with flimsy excuses. Don’t allow anyone prevent you from getting reinvigorated and do something unique.

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