We already know that lemons are very beneficial and can improve our overall health. When we consume lemons, we feel the cruelty of them on our tongue. Sometimes our lips can pucker up and we can engage the shaking feeling and our eyes may start to water.

Lemons are rich I vitamin C and consuming lemons daily can give you all the needed vitamin C intake for one day. Also, lemons are rich in magnesium, copper, potassium and electrolytes.

As we said, lemons can surely improve our overall health and many ways. But, the thing is that we do not appreciate the benefits of the whole lemon. Usually, we only consume the juice and throw away the lemon peels. So, when you are consuming lemon water early in the morning, consider that you are not gaining all the benefits that lemons have to offer. That is why, we will present you one amazing recipe that will provide you all the benefits of lemon.

Just take a couple of lemons and squeeze the juice into a cup of water. Then, grate some of them into a zest and add it to your cup of water. Now, place the rest of the lemons into other cup and fill them with water. Your drinks is ready!

This drinks is very beneficial and can aids digestion. It can balance the acidity in your stomach and help you to store insulin and absorb the food. Lemons can boost your metabolism and improve immune system thanks to the Vitamin C.