For a long time, Ladies have been known to remove their hair from the intimate zone. Majority of them remove their hair completely or partially from the intimate zone. It is soon becoming a normal thing, even almost a necessity. Unfortunately, many are not aware of the side effects.

We highly advice against waxing or shaving your pubic hair

The scientist Andrea De Maria published In “American Diary of Obstetrics and Gynecology” that most ladies do not know the negative effects of shaving pubic hair. Statistics show that 90% of ladies shave their pubic hair and 87% of them pay for a private haircut at a marvel salon.

In the genital area, the skin found there is very sensitive and prone to cuts. It is also full of sweat glands and many women feel a tingling sensation after shaving.

Because the genital area is packed with sweat glands, it makes that area an ideal environment for bacterial growth. There is a high risk of infection when the skin gets little cuts.

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