For individuals experiencing hair loss dilemmas, use of strong products is a problem that happens every day. It’s an issue that millions have to deal with on an ongoing basis. Also, add to that problems of aging and genetics.

Additionally, lack of attention to diet, and specifically a deficiency of iron, can trigger such issues. Add to that other triggers such as imbalances in hormones, skin problems, cancer therapies, and autoimmune disorders.

Let’s set aside hair loss for now. We also have individuals who are dealing with problems of vision. While it is an issue that is common for older individuals, it can also happen with people who are young. This issue, since it’s mostly caused by exposure to harmful synthetic products, needs to be resolved using natural remedies.

Luckily, there’s a natural remedy that deals with both vision problems and hair loss at the same time! It also has the positive side-effect of promoting growth of hair, while keeping your hair healthy! It’s such a powerful remedy that it can even reverse the negative effects of graying hair!

So What Does The Remedy Include?


  • Flaxseed oil (200g)
  • 4 lemons
  • 1000 grams of honey
  • 3 small cloves of garlic


Start by peeling the garlic, and proceed to mix it in with lemons until a homogenous paste is formed. Proceed to add in the oil and honey, and mix everything together thoroughly. Move the mix into a container, and store that in a fridge.

1 tablespoon of this remedy should be taken a ½ hour before every meal. You’ll also need to consume this mixture thrice a day, which means you’ll need to have 3 meals. Also, make sure that you have a wooden spoon for the process.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits.

It’s a natural place to get the necessary Omega 3-fats for your body. The fat, which famously comes from fish also, aids in the nourishment of hair follicles. It encourages hair growth. Additionally, the oil reduces inflammation, which reduces hair loss, scalp issues, and dandruff.

Flaxseed oil also contains linoleic acid, which is necessary for retina recovery, ensuring that the eyesight doesn’t turn horrible. Also, since it contains less fat that is harmful for the body, it aids in weight loss. It makes sure that the blood fat doesn’t get too thick that may cause artery blockages. Finally, it contains a sizeable percentage of dietary fibers, which in addition to helping digestion, also aids with vision.

Garlic Benefits.

Garlic is highly useful for losing weight. Hair growth can easily be promoted through application on a frequent bases, especially for the reduction of bald spots. The high content of selenium and sulfur helps strengthen the structure of hair shafts, ensuring that hair does not split.